Jeff Garner is an American fashion designer and visual artist. His designs are sold online and in luxury boutiques throughout America, Canada, the UK and China. His designs have been worn to the Academy Awards and on stage. His brand Prophetik is know for his sustainable 'plant-dyed' red carpet gowns (made mostly in Tennessee) and for inclusion in the Smithsonian's Renwick Gallery . Jeff takes his inspiration from the dressmakers of the Civil War period who worked with what was in front of them, fashioning beautiful gowns that were later taken apart to recreate new dresses – sustainability born out of necessity. Garner’s designs have a sophistication that sets them apart from typical organic clothing. With Prophetik, Jeff Garner combines a dandyish, rock 'n' roll aesthetic with a robust sustainable philosophy, never compromising his ethical principals or his style credentials. That's why everyone from Kings of Leon to supermodel Gisele Bündchen wears his designs.



Indonesian designer Merdi Sihombing uses natural fibres to create a unique East-meets-West aesthetic and works to highlight and protect Indonesia’s hand-weaving traditions, which are under threat from modern textile manufacturing. The combination is just the right amount of tradition while retaining a modern fashion practicality



Chilean Mexican Designer, Monique Guzmán, combines her Latin flair and west coast vibe in stretch prints. Based in San Diego, California, she embraces the female form and gives it a voice of power and beauty. Her designs are versatile and perfect for travel. They can go anywhere. Established in 2008, her Designer label SIREN SKIRTS is a zero waste brand, one of a kind, and each is named like a painting thus becoming art. Her Eco-Green company provides minimal waste and up-cycling remnants for other new master pieces. She wants to share her philosophy of the uniqueness of every person, the fragility of the earth, and bringing back handmade, slow fashion, artisan work. Siren Skirts is made in San Diego, CA USA. Every design has a glass treasure with our signature Siren logo sandblasted by a glass artisan sewn in at the hem of every piece. Like a Siren's treasure from the sea.



Stacey and Mike Strahand are globally renowned for their London Fashion Week collections which draw on glam rock icons as well as couture styles, showcasing enhanced shoulder lines, tailoring and embellishment using crystals, pearls and metal. They recognised the skills of the local artisans in Yorkshire and Scotland and endeavoured to contribute to their local economy and provide the luxury sector with couture designs, using traditional fabrics, with a rock edge, inspired by their youth. The strong emphasis and value placed on using traditional techniques and sustainable materials to ensure ethical practice really sets this label apart from the rest. Their futuristic fashion lines are designed with rock fans in mind, who live and die rock but want more of a luxurious style, rather than band shirts. Materials such as mohair, cashmere, tweed and wool run through their collections and allow the designer label to add a luxurious edge to the glam punk rock style.



French Algerian designer Nadira specialises in heavily embellished red carpet dresses fit for a Queen . She creates stunning gowns and jewellery  with Vintage upcycled fabrics and ornate jewellery pieces. She loves working with silk laces  and  pearls.  All her gowns are embellished with handmade flowers and stones. Her dresses can be seen worn by celebrities and beauty contestants of  MISS prestige National France.




Jocelyn CHEN is an educator and fashion designer based in Taipei, Taiwan. As an Associate Professor at Fu Jen Catholic University, she has dedicated herself to embracing sustainable design practices to express and re-shape the definition of contemporary fashion. Acknowledging and celebrating the diverse design directions within fashion, CHEN has a profound interest in re-evaluating ‘uselessness’ to redesign for 'usefulness'. ‘3PM’ stands for ‘3P Maker’. It focuses on design for a sustainable future; whilst the 3P stands for the 3P's of ‘people, planet and profit' the three bottom lines of sustainability.



This is the first time that Gale and Rachel launch their show and introduce Gh lingerie brand to the fashion world. The core idea of Gh. is – “lingerie is not what you think.” At very beginning, Rachel brought in the concept of ‘Love Yourself’ to this brand. She hopes that Gh lingerie design can make people confident and comfortable with their own bodies. Since sexuality has become blurred in this generation, lingerie is no longer Just for females. In the near future, Gh. hopes to target wider range of customers for all genders.  Gh also does some laboratorial experiments and sampling for another production line. The founders, Gale and Rachel would like to bring some edible experiments and contemporary art elements into this brand. Gh   first series, Gale and Rachel cooperated with famous Spanish lollipop brand and combined sweet lollipop with panty design.  This offers clients more fantasy while wearing it. Especially, one of Gh’s workers has fashion background and working experience within the late Alexander Mcqueen womenswear team. This could help them to bring all these ideas together into practice. The next step, Gh is thinking to design a mini collection of lingerie with incense perfume ingredient. The aromatic scent will release and may smell differently depending on human’s body temperature. Meanwhile, the skin can absorb the natural herbs and be smooth as silk..



English student designer Holly from Leeds is our youngest participant for the show. She incorporates Music , Art and Spirituaity into her clothing alongside her love for youth , rave and circus culture movement throughout the ages. Her expertise is Knitting and Crocheting. Watch her beautiful handicraft come to life on the 15th of February as she launches her first Crochet Bralette collection.



The collection which we are about to grace you with is one from Stephanie Amazigo. Stephanie has been an inspiring fashion designer since 2013 but wanted to create something with an extreme edge to it, something on the levels of high Avant Garde. She wanted something that would stand out with a signature that will always be recognised and trademarked as her. So after five years from the initial conception she decided to showcase her first collection. This first collection is called 'The Trashy Runway Couture'. We know there is fashion made from trash, but Stephanie took it one step further as she believed that fashion could be made from what you literally put trash in. This inspiration was born from her love of art and creativity but more from her desire to produce something with a different twist to it but at the same time, something that tells a story of its own